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Most of us like watching videos or movies. Previously for this, we were depended on television and theaters but, with technology in our hand in the form of smartphones, things are not the same. There are apps like YouTube you can use, to stream video directly and save them offline in the app.


however, with this feature you tube restrict you to its app. Google doesn’t provide any feature to download you tube videos and store them to the phone gallery and there is no such other official app that is providing the feature.  Providing the solution, there are some third party apps on play store that claim to provide the feature to download video or audio and save them to gallery.

We have picked out  the best Video Downloader App  for your android phone that can help you download any video you like and view them while you are offline from your gallery.

This AV Video Downloader is most recommendable Video Downloader app for android. The appallows you streaming and downloading simultaneously and in all formats HD, FHD, QHD and UHD. You can directly choose any quality prior to download. However, this app is not available on Google play store you need to download it through the official website.



It is the most popular   Free Video Downloader app on android. This easy to use app is effective in downloading video and offers an amazing feature like background download, resume and pause, multiple downloads, inbuilt player and many more. The inbuilt browser in the app allows direct access to the sites we prefer.

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