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You may not believe but everyone is born with some expertise. Your strength might be your artistic skill or ability to tell a story that keeps everyone at the edge of their seats. The key is to identify and develop your strengths. Here we would guide you on “How to know your expertise”

Ask yourself the following questions.

o   What seems to come to you more easily than to others?

o   What kind of advice do your colleagues ask you?

o   What types of projects are you drawn to?

o   What are the topics that you could talk about all day?

o   What do you typically read?

Review the list and make your choices. Focus on the path you want to go with your career. What do you expect in one year? 5 years? 10 years? What qualities do you need to sharpen in order to achieve your goals? Reflect on the capabilities that would have an important impact.

Discovering Your Strengths in Conversation

Speaking to others is the second way to discover your personal strengths. You may think you know what you’re good at, but you’re going to get a completely different perspective when you’re speaking to someone who’s an observer. People sometimes skip off their skills and talents because they seem simple and come naturally. Red flag! When you talk like that about something you’re doing, it’s definitely one of your talents. You probably don’t realize that what you’re doing is unique and special.

Don’t be afraid to approach your boss and ask him/her about your strengths.

In your research be proactive. You might even want to consider a mentor to help you develop a strategy and expand your career vision.

You can ask your loved ones to recognize your strengths and weaknesses because they know you best than anyone else, so they’re more able to read between the lines and help you identify new things about yourself.

Chances are your friends and family won’t want to hurt your feelings by suggesting that you’re not perfect at anything, so instead ask them to help you discover your strengths. And ask an open-ended question like, “Which work and talents do you think I have a potential for?”

How to Develop Your Expertise

Now that you have discovered your strengths it’s time to strengthen your expertise and become a real authority. It suggests that you need to look for opportunities to practice these skills.

Remember: no one becomes an expert without practice.

The old saying, “Practice makes perfect is accurate. You need to search for and take advantage of relevant opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities to expand the network into your area of interest. You can test yourself and sharpen your talents as you find ways to get out of your comfort zone.

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