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STARTAPP IS AN AWARD-WINNING MOBILE MEDIA AND DATA COMPANY that uses first-party data and insights to enhance the mobile experience for mobile publishers, advertisers, and consumers. With our data-driven solutions, our partners are able to make informed business decisions in real-time, reach premium global mobile audiences, and optimize ongoing media and data strategies.

StartApp is Best Alternate for Google Ads

The new Ad Network Certification by Google Play is designed to make children’s apps safer. StartApp is one of the very first mobile partners to receive Google’s new SDK certification. For publishers and advertisers of family apps, StartApp is the smart, safe and certified choice.

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In the online industry, the issue of child safety has long plagued parents and educators. In 2017, a whopping 94% of parents surveyed in the US said they pay attention to the content of the games their children are playing. For developers of family-friendly apps, controlling exposure to inappropriate ads and content is a constant and critical challenge.

Despite the proliferation and popularity of parental tracking and control products, there’s much more work to be done in ensuring the protection of children spending time on apps. And Google is taking the initiative with its new Ad Network Certification program.


They help advertisers, from large brands to small businesses, target the right user on the right device at the right time by combining one of the world’s largest 1st party mobile data sets with our massive global network of publishers.

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